The Leopold Muller Memorial Library, a cutting edge research facility, has grown to become a unique repository of over 90,000 academic books, 1,000 periodical titles, and a rich assemblage of close to 900,000 rare archival items. Founded around a single collection in the 1970s, the Library expanded under the care of several generations of librarians and thanks to the dedication of its supporters, and is currently home to over 11 distinct book collections and 8 archives of historic significance. This rare assemblage is mostly Anglo-Jewish and European Jewish in focus, and tells the story of Jewish life and scholarship in the last four hundred years.

The historic significance of collections, entrusted to the care of the Leopold Muller Memorial Library by private individuals and Jewish institutions, dictates our long-term strategies. Our primary aim is to preserve these historical records from neglect or deterioration. Moreover, in an attempt to share the knowledge and ensure the memory of past generations is not forgotten, we have launched a series of exhibitions, also virtual, showcasing the material previously unscrutinised by the public eye. Thus we help make connections between the collections and academic or private researchers from all over the world, who come to work in the stimulating environment of the University of Oxford.


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